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Por Ariel Andrade

Olá pessoal da gravidade!! Chegamos de mais uma Expomusic e antes de postar os já conhecidos vídeos do Baixonatural com as grandes feras do contrabaixo brazuca, um vídeo com a nossa visão geral da Expo desse ano, claro, com o foco em contrabaixo. Confira:

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02 MAR 05h28

Gosto muito da banda em si, tenho nem o que falar das mfasicas ne9!? Simplesmente perfeitas! Ambas harmf4nicas entre si.Gostaria de saber quem tem algum fe3 clube, ou outro meio de ennrctoo para trocarmos informae7f5es, ou algo do tipo. Pretendo voltar com o twitter sf3 para ficar mais por dentro, porque no mais sf3 tenho face mesmo. Para quem se interessar e tiver algo a falar: =)Desde je1 agradee7o.

06 MAR 12h17

Actually they're not really the same much at all. Both are sietngrd instruments and the typical tuning on a 4 string bass is E A D G, which is the same as the 4 lowest strings on the in standard tuning (E A D G B E). That's pretty much where the similarity ends. is typically played using a pick or finger picking where the thumb hits the bass notes and the fingers alternately pick the treble notes. Bass is generally plucked using the index and middle fingers to pluck upward on the strings. Guitar music is generally written in treble clef (if you take lessons you'll learn to read treble clef), while bass music is written in bass clef. Bass is primarily a rhythm instrument while guitar can provide both rhythm and lead/melody. You'll spend a lot of time learning chords on the guitar and that is not really that applicable to the bass, where you'd typically pluck individual notes. As a guitar and bass teacher, I really wouldn't advise trying to teach/learn them both together. They're really not that similar. [url=]zrmzoywgo[/url] [link=]nojjworla[/link]

06 MAR 12h55

NO!!!For me, the use of a pick is an option that I use for a ceitran effect or if it really hurts my fingers to play.When I play electric bass, I strike the stings with my index and middle fingers about 85% of the time.Some players use their thumbs, but I find the thumb method to be too slow.Some of the incredible bassists use [what I call] the slap-pull method, thumping the lower strings with their thumbs and striking the higher notes with their fingers.If the slap-pull method is what you want to adopt, learn the basics first.Check out the many different styles of playing. That includes orchestral bass parts (large ensembles which back up singers) down to the crudest players. Don't limit your studies to the stuff that you like.Also important: practice!!!You will never be considered for any marathon runs if you don't first master the complexities of crawling first.I wish you success in your endeavors.

06 MAR 13h36

Even though Paul McCartney has enojyed some success using the pick (AKA plectrum) on bass, I use the index and middle fingers to strike (as well as to pluck and claw) at the strings. This is, beyond the shadow of the doubt, the best way to play through most music categories (i.e., Classic Rock, C&W, Folk, Gospel, etc.).A lesser used method of attack is the slap and pull method. The theory behind this is easy enough to grasp, by developing and putting it in practice is challenging.I would like to add the slap and pull method and expand my horizons as a bassist.I've been playing both electric and upright bass for probably enough years that an admission would give my age away. I will say that You have great approach to the electric bass. It's practical and real.

30 MAR 05h19

butterflies. Seasons, so that words and promises written separated together, fading memory can no longer put together a perfect yesterday. Some of what happens in life, not too early, that is too late. What always want to reach out to pick up, but it is picked up by the side, while discarded.Quarter after quarter blossom, a heart, and eventually can not be years appropriateness collection. There are echoes in the wind dying, but never Changbu Wan song gardenia open. Season always took us further and further away, time, virtually always stretch, no matter how beautiful and moving picture once, will be fixed between the turn.Time threshold, left behind a number of Red love unfulfilled, wrote an old word, can be covered with sad thoughts. Lindsay said that we are all snow hurry, because encounter friction and melted snow each shoulder, then because of their different routes, farther and farther apart, and then the snow covered shoulders. Story time, Bae Yong Lu Hui in years, across thousands of miles, just remember you falling over clothing, but also full of a whisk.Life is so high mountains, and there will be many people willing to consider devoting go you know, guarding a memo vows to wait for a bloom? Regardless of the time wasted, I still miss in their own way and cherish, because of your landscape, I had abundance of mountains and rivers of years.If you can, I want to late autumn leaf, in accordance with their own pulse colony growth, with the most enchanting colors will decorate the season, and then, accompanied by the time of the transfer, abundance, and then dying, with the autumn, falling in Autumn Wink halo in the autumn, it will be a pool of passion, overtaken by a memo dews, waiting for you to cherish.Autumn has been deep, although the warm sun, could not withstand a number of thin cold, go on the road, and the wind rolled leaves spinning, cool air from time to time hit, can not help but wrapped in his coat. A person's journey, learned early to embrace themselves. There is always

05 MAI 03h19

"Reason is the reason, when the power of the forces of darkness, you do not want a power struggle in the middle of the whirlpool, bones or both of those world, the poor are spared. I want to save myself, this is a survival strategy." Rivers ashamed, afraid to face reality.

Narrow mountain road at the river behind the Qiu Ju, Taoqiu Ju plump buttocks outline rounded curve, is no trace of the rural folk, vulgar Ya, ya, there vulgar, rivers hearts unknowingly give birth to greed.

"Give me back." The Story of Qiu took to the river backpack.

"I used to go mountain tour guide, not as Montagnards people in your town will climb."

Chrysanthemum Review beaming smile, golden hearted smile open late chrysanthemums, his mouth will take off pink jacket, cross-tied waist.

"The Story of Qiu has not remarried thought it?"

Rivers and mountains that woman is great, and if the city already remarried widow woman.

"No, do have a few well-intentioned men to marry him, dragging a get children, I politely refused, and so are two small read the book and then consider remarriage. Why do big brother together with sister-in-law?" Asked Chrysanthemum inadvertently .

02 ABR 00h28

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