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Inicial Bass Videos Ximba Uchyama - Stella by Starlight

Ximba Uchyama - Stella by Starlight

Por Ariel Andrade

Um dos grandes mestres do nosso contrabaixo Brazuka chama-se Ximba Uchyama e tivemos a honra de captar esta fera de maneira exclusiva no backstage do evento La Bella Day que rolou no último mês. Sempre com um SJ nas mãos, o mestre quebrou tudo numa versão do clássico Stella by Starlight, confira e curta a seguir sem moderação:

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02 MAR 08h30

Hi Elaine!I really enjoy your Forgotten Realms noelvs and have most of them in my vast book collection. I especially love how you portray Khelben Arunsun as he is one of my favorite characters in the Realms. You certainly know how to make characters come to life beyond the pages (e.g. Elaith). They have such amazing journeys and history! I was wondering do you plan to write any more noelvs for FR? I would love to see how Elaith has turned out since the Spellplague. Thanks for the great reads!

06 MAR 12h18

Ziyin6 mars 2013Best guitar conrecto ever!! Never felt so excited and inspired before I listened to this gorgeous work. Colorful and full of imagination. A really high level work in both technics and art!

06 MAR 12h56

Hi, Mal. Thanks for the kind word. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Matteo and Tzigone's arnvetudes will continue. As you may know, the fourth edition D&D rules reboot brought a lot of changes to the Forgotten Realms, including the catastrophic magical Spellplague destroyed most of Halruaa and by destroyed, I mean the land mass is no longer there. Also, the timeline was advanced by a century. Since both characters are human, it's unlikely that they would have survived either, much as both, of those events. Wish I had better news!

06 MAR 13h37

Hi, Alex_Elf. I did have a third book in mind, but unfortuntely, it doesn't seem lkliey that all the stars will align. The situation is ridiculously complicated. I share the copyright for this series with The Literary Agency. They came up with the basic concept and sold a two-book deal to Tor via acquiring editor Brian Thomsen, who brough me onboard to write the novels. So I can't shop a third book without the approval of the TLA, and they're not interested in continuing the series. It is frustrating I really hate leaving readers hanging. Perhaps if Tor releases the first two books as ebooks, I might be able to work out some sort of arrangement with TLA that will permit me to wrap up the story with a direct-to-ebook novel, similar to what I'm doing with the Tales of Sevrin.

02 ABR 00h37

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